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    Government IT Support

    As IT organizations grow and expectations increase, even the largest IT teams need additional help for various initiatives to keep up with the demand for services. Partnering with an experienced technology consultant can deliver many tangible benefits to both private companies and public sector agencies in many important ways.

    Outsourcing IT Support frees up agency resources so you and your team can focus on strategic initiatives, planning, and other core agency functions. It is also a great source of new ideas about how to perform work more efficiently, using knowledge and resources that may not be available in-house. In addition, outsourcing IT Support can make research & development and best-in-class solutions more feasible when investing in the latest technologies and other innovations aren’t in this year’s budget. Outsourcing IT Support functions can truly transform organizational structure and culture in ways that improve performance, increase efficiencies, and reduce spending.

    Since 2001, Murray & James, has provided exceptional IT consultants to major tech employers across the country — and specifically to government agencies.

    Murray & James has a long history of helping major tech companies and public sector organizations across the country achieve more. Our customers will tell you we’ve helped them reduce costs, improve efficiencies, increase transparency, and deliver exceptional results. Providing an exceptional service experience for customers throughout our partnership is important to us. As such our IT Outsourcing approach is simple but effective. First, we begin with the end in mind―meaning clearly identify the end goal and what success “looks” like.

    Planning — Murray & James approaches every IT Support project with a PMI®-based project management framework, Agile methodologies during development, and continuous stakeholder engagement. We partner very closely with our customers to ensure we clearly understand & prioritize appropriately, to ensure we deliver the most innovative, efficient solution to meet your needs.

    Dedicated Team — Murray & James is passionate about solving complex IT problems. Our tolling and transportation industry expertise span more than 20 years. We’ve assembled a highly experienced leadership team and we employ the industry’s best and brightest IT professionals, including certified program managers, software developers, database managers, and operations specialists. This stable of talent gives us the ability to handle nearly any technical challenge!

    Communication — Murray & James is committed to our clients’ success and satisfaction. We place a high value on empathy, compassion, and the ability to listen. Once Murray & James are selected to provide IT support, we move forward with meaningful communication and collaboration from the start. We work with you to proactively identify and solve problems, offer product & services enhancements, and proactively keep your team abreast of what we’re working on. All Murray & James employees are available during regular business hours (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM,) at our Phoenix and Colorado locations. After hours, our team may be reached via email. We conduct any necessary meetings via Zoom, WebEx etc., or onsite if preferred.

    To find out more about how partnering with Murray & James can add value to your agency, email us at

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