A Game Changer – Texas Toll Authority Work from Home Web Interface

  • A Game Changer – Texas Toll Authority Work from Home Web Interface

    A Game Changer – Texas Toll Authority Work from Home Web Interface

    Working from home has become a popular and growing trend across several industries. Toll road services make up one specific source that required an immediate home-based work solution.

    This year, COVID-19 has created unexpected shutdowns, and companies are required to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Although toll road services anticipated adding remote work operations soon, an immediate solution was a must.

    Murray & James discovered that the main operation of image reviewing absolutely required toll service staff to be present at the office. With social distancing in effect, toll service operation was limited and risked extreme slowdowns and backlogs.

    Recently, the Murray & James team partnered with an existing customer to fast track a work from home web interface for toll road services. In 30 days, the customer’s image review software was transformed into a browser-based application using nodeJS. A VPN system was created specifically for users to access the application, so employees no longer had to physically be at the office. In addition, two application servers were implemented for load balancing to maintain processing speed. During the conversion process, the customer’s toll road services experienced no reduction in throughput, and little to no employee re-training was required.

    Although a quick, successful solution was provided for toll road services, Murray & James realized home-based interfaces had additional, longer-term benefits that could provide additional value to other toll authorities struggling with this challenge.

    Using a specific VPN connection and required credentials, anyone can review images remotely. Meaning, while the total number of staff may increase over time, paying for larger office space was optional. And, with a larger potential staff pool to choose from, higher quality image reviewers may be selected, resulting in improved turnaround times and analysis.

    Though telecommuting is preferred by employees, only 7% of all employers in the United States offer work from home flexibility. By 2028, one study estimates that 73% of all departments will have remote workers, according to Fundera research. It is easy to see why: increased attendance and productivity, improved morale and employee engagement, more effective workflows – not to mention huge cost savings. In fact, employers offering at least part-time telecommuting flexibility collectively can save $44 billion each year! (Fundera, 2020)

    While the recent mass shift to telecommuting may have been chaotic for some, it doesn’t have to be. Murray & James is ready to help optimize operations and transform services levels. Our software service solutions can be added to existing software databases – such as described above — or completely customized to meet your specific needs. Contact us to learn how.

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